Peaches at Neumos, making sure she was with a group of people who enjoyed what she was doing.
Peaches at Neumos in 2011, making sure she was with a group of people who enjoyed what she was doing." TIMOTHY RYSDYKE

Peaches’ new album, Rub, drops on Sept. 25. She recently released a photography book, What Else Is In The Teaches Of Peaches, with photos by Holger Talinski. At Bumbershoot, she’ll speak on the Sunday panel “Scary Feminist” with writers Chelsea Cain and Mandy Stadtmiller, then she’ll perform Monday evening at Key Arena. She spoke by phone.

Your panel is called “Scary Feminist,” and you’re talking with a horror author (Cain) and a journalist/comedian (Stadtmiller). What do you think are the scariest things about feminism?
I think the scariest thing about feminism is that people are afraid of feminism. In my mind, everyone needs to be a feminist. And I’m not saying women only. I’m saying everyone needs to be concerned about equal pay. That’s the basis of feminism. I think it’s very important for men to discuss it. I’m not interested in only women discussing it.

I saw you last time you performed here, at Neumos. How do Seattle crowds treat you as compared to those at other tour stops?
I think it’s whatever the vibe of the night is. For instance, that night was a lot of cool people I was playing with. DJ Colby B and a whole gang of great queer performers [Glitterbang, Secret Shoppers, The Ononos], so it was a lot of fun. I think it’s more like making sure you’re with a group of people who enjoy what you’re doing and getting involved.

Who are you excited to see at Bumbershoot?
Faith No More, Lee “Scratch” Perry… looks like a fun lineup. I would like to see Babes in Toyland but I won’t be there. I also like Flosstradamus.

Can you tease us with some hints about your new stage show?
It’s…it’s just…No. You should just come see it. You just need to be there. It’s just something you want to see and be a part of instead of watching it on YouTube or anything like that.

Peaches' new album will be available here.