If you're going to Bumbershoot this weekend, you've already checked out our sweet guides, charted a course through the weekend with our handy calendar, and are sailing through life safe in the knowledge that you've got a calibrated compass and trustworthy captain at your side. Great! For the rest of you, let's talk alternatives for the weekend. After all, with the masses conglomerating at Seattle Center, the rest of the city is playing oyster to your metaphorical Venus.

Yesterday we gave you a head start; here's a more thorough primer on the weekend's non-Bumbershoot live music opportunities.

Dead Soft and tv ugly
Put some bittersweetness in your pop-punk at Victory Lounge.

Kremwerk celebrates Labor Day weekend with a special "white party" edition of its beloved Stiffed! night.

Noonmoon, Darsombra, and Meridian Arc
Our eclectic, eccentric, and unerringly on-point music critic Dave Segal recommends a night of drones, sci-fi soundtracking, and ominous psych rock.


Cult of Luna
Atmospheric and melancholy sludge metal from Sweden. Autumn has arrived.

Terence Blanchard
Louisiana jazz great Terence Blanchard plays his last night at Jazz Alley.

Labor of Lovefest
Catch the second day of the authentically avant-garde alternative to Bumbershoot at Gallery 1412.

Labor of Love
Not to be confused with the Labor of Lovefest listed above, this is an all-day rooftop party at the Monkey Loft.

And here's every other live show happening around town this weekend, including, but not limited to, Kid Rock and Dave Matthews.