A two-night tribute to Coltrane is happening at Tulas this weekend.
A two-night tribute to Coltrane is happening at Tula's this weekend.

It's true: we're enamored of Decibel Festival this year (we have a whole Decibel calendar dedicated to it!). Our heads are still throbbing from the last two days of pulsing abstract techno, and we haven't even gotten to Autechre, Dasha Rush, Pharmakon, Eskmo... BUT! For those of you looking for a respite, perhaps an electric guitar or even some singing, we've got you covered for the weekend. Here's our other recommended up and coming shows.

Strange Wilds at Black Lodge
Kelly O praises the "brutal ferocity" of Strange Wilds as "the BEST pissed-off punk band to spring from Olympia since Bikini Kill." That's no small praise from the lady who stood over an hour in the pouring rain at Block Party to snap a few pics of Kathleen Hanna.

A Tribute to John Coltrane at Tula's
Charles Mudede's elegant mini-essay must be read. Here's a taste: "Smashing every link of the binary system that has organized and defined so much of the Western musical canon for so long, A Love Supreme was at once intellectual and spiritual, of the body and the mind, passionate and sensitive, African and European, Western and Eastern."

Black Breath at Highline
As Joseph Schafer puts it: "There's something uniquely invigorating about a bunch of people wearing black leather and screaming 'spit on the cross' in unison."

Blackalicious at Neumos
Blackalicious are touring behind their great new album, Imani Volume One. With perennially underrated Lateef the Truth Speaker opening, it's a lot of raw hiphop bang for the buck.

Beat Happening 33/3 Release + Tribute Show at Vera Project
K Records and Beat Happening finally have their own 33 1/3, and author Brian C. Parker will be on hand to discuss his volume, with a tribute show featuring Cumulus, Enduro, and others to follow.

Godflesh at El Corazon
Post-industrial titans Godflesh have returned, and their "achingly beautiful" chaos deserves your attention, according to our very own Travis Ritter.

As usual: find even more on our comprehensive music calendar.