Music Nov 11, 2015 at 4:00 am

I Loved It Then and I (Sort of) Still Do

Aches and pains and wallet chains. Kevin Estrada


I got my copy through Columbia House.
You talk about Everclear in the same way Patrick Bateman talks about Genesis.
Glad to see their wallets are still safe.
I discovered Sparkle and Fade the summer I lost my virginity and listened to it obsessively, forging deep connections between the lyrics and my life circumstances as only an angsty teenager can. I've associated Everclear with sex ever since.

Years later I met Art Alexakis after a free concert at Wazzu and he was a total dick. Ah, well. At least there's still the nostalgia factor.
I wore a Sparkle and Fade tour t-shirt in my 8th grade photo (a women's ringer tee with a cartoon image of the group, plus my navy blue Docs). Thanks for bringing back awful memories.

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