Alright, devil's advocate: wouldn't the money be better spent increasing their visibility in podcast land? I love the *idea* of them being on the air, but will that genuinely increase their audience, or just their street cred?
Your link to the campaign is broken.
The link to the indie go go page is incorrect. It should be:…
@1 podcasts are fine and all, but LPFM broadcasting would allow the station to better serve the community within the transmitter range and allow anyone to tune in without the inherit requirement of having an internet connection. Remember, not everyone has a computer or "smart device" that allows them to access digital media. The chance of accidentally coming across weird and interesting music on the FM dial is far more exciting and chance than a podcast.
not only that but the radio is sort of a boring and predicable format. A station like KHUH would revive it and keep FM Radio more exciting

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