Grandparents at Pickathons Slab
  • Travis Button
  • Grandparents at Pickathon's Slab
Remember summer? It wasn't so long ago, friend—a time of sunshine and golden-green and cutoffs and armpit funk and sweat dripping straight down through your eyebrows. And now it's possible to shake off the chill and relive those magical, hot, hot days through this sweltering new video from Portland's Grandparents. It's the latest episode of our ongoing Slab Sessions series from Pickathon, which the Portland Mercury and The Stranger are pleased to host, thanks to the beer conjurers at New Belgium.

The Half Stop Sessions video crew captured this nearly nine-minute odyssey from Grandparents in full-on fearless-psych-crusader mode. They play "Germans," a slow-building motorik jam whose title no doubt refers to krautrock pioneers like Neu!, to whom this piece is no doubt heavily indebted. This was filmed in a hidden pocket at this past summer's Pickathon festival, away from the crowds and noisy stages, but despite the intimate setting it still achieves ignition and explosive liftoff. Check it out, then catch past episodes of the Slab Sessions featuring Wand (here) and the Weather Station (here).

And check back on January 7 for a new Slab Session right here!