Rejoice! The first new 7 Year Bitch recording in two decades.
Rejoice! The first new 7 Year Bitch recording in two decades. MOE Recordings

Caustic Seattle hard-rock group 7 Year Bitch are back in the spotlight after a long hiatus thanks to the release of Live at Moe, a document of a 1996 show they played at that Capitol Hill venue (aka Mo'Roc'N Café, now Neumos). Coming out January 15, Live at Moe is the debut release from MOE Recordings, a label run by Scott Blum and Jerry Everard (the former found the tapes of the gig in his basement; they sound surprisingly good). To celebrate this occasion, 7 Year Bitch—drummer Valerie Agnew, vocalist Selene Vigil, bassist Elizabeth Davis, and guitarist Roisin Dunne—will appear at EMP Museum Sunday January 17 at 1:30 pm to be interviewed by the museum's curator, Jacob McMurray, and sign copies of the record. The event is all ages and free.

7 Year Bitch—who existed for seven years, aptly enough—stalked the city's rock landscape in the '90s like an xx-chromosomed Stooges, punching way above their weight with brash, bruising songs that turned earworms into earcobras. Live at Moe vividly captures the group's brazen vibe, whether they're glowering on the downlow ("Deep in the Heart"), throbbing with seething intensity ("Rock a Bye," "The Midst"), or strafing with raw power ("24,900 Miles Per Hour," "2nd Hand," "Kiss My Ass Goodbye"). They should've been bigger than Hole.

In a statement, Agnew commented about Live at Moe:

Hearing the tapes was cool as hell. I hadn’t really been thinking much about those days and was excited to be reminded of the strength of our performance and pleasantly surprised by the fact that Scott had kept the recordings all these years. It felt like a very cool gift to be given. Putting this record out now feels important because nobody is going to tell our story for us. And because we were not active during the digital age, there is very little accurate info about our band on the internet so this feels like a cool way to document our history.