Soon there will be no more record stores in Seattle and that will be end.
@1, the local record store scene is fairly healthy. There are more good stores now than there were 20 or 30 years ago. Neptune, Jive Time, Easy Street, Silver Platters are all outstanding, along with tons of others. Sonic Boom, despite this news, is still open today.
The only thing standing between me and buying this store is $850,000.
@1, I worry about the same thing. What a shame, I too have scored some very good records at Sonic Boom at decent prices...more than I can say about that scam of a store called Bop Street. Recently in Ballard I went by a new store on Market and 20th called Mezzanine. A small but very good used record and vintage clothing store.
There's nothing indicating the store is closing. If that was the case he would just let the lease run out and liquidate stock. Ideally, someone buys the store, keeps the name, and just runs it the same as before.
@4: I bought a couple tight records from the mezzanine guy at the last NW record show. been meaning to stop over there.

sonic boom guy is probably just tired.
It's still listed for sale:…
Happy to hear it will remain a thriving record store. I wonder if Andy Nelson will buy it?
And let's not forget their support of local bands, my guy's band's cd is for sale in there too. They have a great policy there, and I am glad to hear they're staying open and I hope continuing to support the local scene.

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