My Philosophy: What Do We Do with the Allegations Against Ian Connor and Afrika Bambaataa?


This was incredibly moving and brave. Thanks.
Yeah, thanks for this. Powerful.
Never knew... So sorry to hear, but thank you for sharing and empowering others.
This is one of the best paragraphs I've read regarding victims: "if you really think somebody has anything to gain from telling the world that they were raped by anyone, let alone a popular figure in the social-media era, I don't know what to tell you. There's no come-up, record deal, or check at the end of it—just a bunch of people threatening and disrespecting you, and possibly a fruitless, retraumatizing encounter with police." I wish more people understood this.

Thank you for sharing, Larry.
Sexual abuse is the only type of crime where people will instinctively protect the accused and blame the victim. Sorry to hear about your experiences, but your courage to speak out is inspiring.