No retail experience? Sweet God Sonic Boom will be gone in 12 months. Seriously, has anyone ever watch Tabatha Salon Takeover?!?!?
@1, geez, way to welcome him into retail...I for one am glad Sonic Boom is still around!! I never go to Boob Street yet Ballard has two new stores which have opened recently, Mezzanine on 20th and Market and Blue Bell on 52nd Street! Support your local record stores Cato!
I assume he'll keep one foot in realty.
"Actually, the first thing I'll do is ask the employees what kind of changes they'd like to see. They're an A-list team here and they know better than I what can change for the better."

If the changes work out really well I hope they'll be getting bonuses for their in-house consulting work.
I hope he has one helluva turntable

Lack of retail experience has always lead to a successful attempt of running a retail business. And I know everyone in Seattle is just delusional enough to think that if you're in Real Estate that makes you some sort of guru when it comes to's not retail sales.
@6 Did you read Nabil's article about how Sonic Boom was started? If they'd listened to the so-called experts telling them that no one was buying music anymore, they would have shut their doors years ago. I'm glad an individual with a passion for music is taking over Sonic Boom rather than some chain absorbing the business and trying to make it fit into their business model. If I had $800K laying around I would have done it myself.

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