So what exactly are the rules when using music at an event? I assume they—either they convention organizers or the conventional hall themselves—pay their ASCAP fees to play live music. Are organizers then allowed carte blanche to choose and it's up to the artist to publicly denounce the usage?

Since these events (and sections of music) are broadcast, I kind of assumed they might need clearance first. Is that incorrect?
Gene Simmons - of Kiss - is a conservative? WTF?
@1 An interesting question. My understanding is that using the work of others is usually permitted without permission so long as they do not charge admission and the music is derived from a public broadcast - so for example a restaurant playing music from the radio without compensating the artists is ok, but not if they charge admission or if the music comes from someone's iPod.

But it seems to me that the Rethuglicans DO need permission -if they haven't acquired the rights- because the convention itself, including the music, is broadcast. I am pretty sure that's a no-no without compensating the artists. I think (but don't know for sure) that may have an out if they don't use the entire song (then it may fall under fair use) or if it is significantly altered.
*music live, not live music.
@3 That makes sense. I don't know what sort of legal quagmire it might cause but, if that's not the case, it'd be nice to see it challenged in this context on the grounds that usage could reasonably imply an endorsement, or at the very least association with a brand. (Obviously, I'm not a lawyer.)
Why don't these musicians do what Trump is so fond of doing and actually sue him?
How the hell do they not see these things coming from 17 million miles out? Phreebus needs to just determine whats the most bestest Ted Nugent album out there (gotta be Cat Scratch Fever, right?) then make sure that shits on loop at every event they stage for the rest of time. Problem solved.
I think that the GOP should just put "Happy Birthday To You" on a loop and call it good. Their followers wouldn't know any better.
@8 A GOP convention where every speaker enters to "Happy Birthday To You" would be amazing.

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