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Any specific examples to show that HRC is a racist?
@1 she part of white privilege land so can't be trusted due to being part of an inferior skin color. So to answer your question the fact she is white makes her racist. Welcome to the new world of SJWism.
I'm a white woman, and what concerns me is not that Hillary shouldn't be held accountable, but that she is being held to a different standard than her male counterparts regarding these issues. You have Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden (Biden regarding Anita Hill and his vote on the crime bill, Sanders on his comments about the ghetto, comments reducing race issues to class issues, vote on the crime bill, and poor voting record on gun control), both of whom have been allowed to evolve and are beloved by those on the left. All of the key members of Sanders' campaign staff were white and only one was a woman, and somehow this was never even raised as an issue.

Hillary, on the other hand, has been demonized despite her efforts to move forward and try to address these matters. And what is considered outreach by Sanders is seen as pandering by her. There is a constant double standard that applies to her, and as a feminist, that is the part that bothers me.
I'm a white millennial that grew up near Seattle, and I know for a fact that another Clinton in the White House is going to further worsen racial tensions, just as the first one did. One of my parents worked for SPD for 25 years, and the only reason I am here today is because the war on drugs produced new job opportunities within the police force, which allowed my white family to succeed at the expense of black families.

The fact is that if you're still voting for Clinton, then you haven't listened to a damn thing that women of color have been saying. Nobody should get a free pass to be labeled "not a racist" just because they verbally acknowledge that there are problems with racism in this country. A politician's job is to write and vote on new legislation that reflects the will of your constituents, not just pay lip service to disaffected voters. For 8 years in the Senate, Hillary did not produce a single bill aimed toward helping minority families, so I don't know why you think she would suddenly change.

I guarantee you that white women are not blind to the nation's problems, the female Sanders supporters easily outnumbered the men at the caucuses. Sorry that you're not seeing that reflected in posts on social media, maybe you need to find some new friends.

Oh, and the reason the media used a photo of Bill at the DNC instead of Hillary was because half of the convention hall was empty when Hillary was accepting the nomination, since most of the Bernie supporters had left. At that point they hadn't yet shuffled in the seat fillers, so to maintain the illusion of party unity they had to scramble for a loosely related photo taken from when the convention was still packed. This wasn't a random mistake, every major media outlet used the same photo, which means nobody had flattering footage of Hillary on that particular day.
@4, She tried. Look at all the bills she introduced. Many of them WERE aimed at helping minority families:…
@4 >The fact is that if you're still voting for Clinton, then you haven't listened to a damn thing that women of color have been saying.

Everything else is over. Hillary or Trump. Whatever side points you want to make don't matter. How are you dumb fuckers still so fucking dense to this very simple idea?

*Whine whine whine* we fucking know, that is how the system we have to deal with works.

You're not helping anything by trying to make a point out of your vote.

Your vote is a vote and so is vote of any Trump supporter. Pick one.

That is *all* that fucking matters at this point. I fucking hate Hillary but I'm not going to look back on myself and be proud of being a smug sideliner any more than morons who voted for Nader for Bush v Gore or whatever.
@4 Interesting take.

it directly contradicts the known fact that something like - last I checked - 80+% of African American voters ARE voting for Clinton. Even higher if you compare her numbers to Trumps - she polls like 98% among African American voters.

So. Who are these mythical "women of color" to which liberals are not listening? Because they're sure as hell are not black women - who are in overwhelming numbers voting for Clinton.
stupid picture.
@4, There have been multiple news stories about the worsening treatment of marginalized groups due to the rhetoric alone of the Trump campaign. Here's one:…

And you also now have David Duke running for Senate, stating he was inspired by the positive response to Donald Trump.

I wonder whether that author even watched either of the debates. I watched both, and the race-baiting hate speech coming not just from Trump, but from a number of the speakers during the RNC was terrifying. Anyone who thinks there is an equivalency to the threat Clinton poses might not be paying attention. Again, look at all the bills she sponsored as Senator to help low income citizens and minorities.
The left has always had a strong tendency to eat itself, because the most-left 10% of the US population doesn't see the rest of the leftward 50-90% as any kind of True Left at all. And I don't think that's actually changed, despite appearances. But stronger info bubbles result in people overestimating their 10% as 30%, and they end up thinking that most women of color are against Hillary, etc.

The multi-decade smear campaign against Hillary has also been pretty astonishing, and I wonder if people are quite as unaffected as they think.
@12 I don't even think that voting for a third party paper candidate and having a false-consensus bias with marginalized groups automatically puts someone in the "left 10%", or really any further left than anyone else. You can waaay left of Clinton and still vote for her, because you are not throwing a temper tantrum that could cost our (hypothetical, in my case) great grandchildren with all the awful scotus decisions that Trump's appointees would make over the next 30 years.
Well said Larry.
@1, go read the history of the 90s, and the policies she advocated that incarcerated a disproportionate amount of black people. (If you want the Cliff Notes version, watch Straight Outta Compton, and remember that Hill was saying some of the same shit as those cops.) Basically, trying to outflank the Republicans by being "tougher" on crime, rather than interrogating that whole mindset.

And then also vote for HRC, so we can all live long enough to make forward progress, instead of recovering from the smoking crater that a Trumpturdocracy would leave America and the world.
I hope you folks touting Hillary's support for the 90s crime bill also realize that plenty of black voters, politicians, and community leaders supported that crime bill too. Our beloved Bernie Sanders also voted in favor of that bill, despite voicing his reservations about losing focus on poverty. He supported the concept of locking certain people up and throwing away the key just like most people did in the 90s.

I'm not saying it was a good bill overall, but put in context, it wasn't clearly evil.

Meanwhile, how many families of color did CHIP help? Or do we just focus on the bad things because we believe politicians must fit into clear categories of hero or villain?
@16 +1. Regretting something doesn't make it okay BUT Some people definitely need to remember that when they vote in a way that, directly or indirectly, makes it easier for Trump to win. Two people are in this race (plus some paper candidates who are not going to win and aren't even polling remotely well). There are more productive and less destructive ways of fighting for progressive causes than voting for a paper candidate over Clinton.

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