Culture Club (1982). Kissing To Be Clever. Epic (US)


Boy George was gay at a time when gay meant bad.

Still seems like a weirdo who I never want to hear from again.
That last solo album he did was fantastic. The best record of his career, in my opinion.
Thank god for Kurt B. Reighley. Your writing is always insightful.
Thank you for your article. Loved Boy George back in the 80's. Saw him at the fox in Atlanta last year. He is still Fantastic!!! He and his music continues to evolve
Yeah, for the "revolutionary" Culture Club, you have to go back to their early singles, with their relatively unpolished graphics and photography, and to such b-sides as "Murder Rap Trap" and "Man Shake".
Oh, and for my money, Boy George's finest hour is his autobiography, Take it Like a Man.
This was beautiful.

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