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Sun, 9:10 pm, Main Stage

Chastity Belt

They're not just a brilliant band, they roll like a street gang. Like the Pink Ladies from Grease. Extra points for being pretty much the funniest band in Seattle. Fri, 6:40 pm, KEXP

Explosions in the Sky

If these charming lads from Austin don't make you burst into tears at some point during their set, then you are officially jaded, dead inside, or both, and you don't deserve music anymore.

Sat, 9:50 pm, Fisher Green

Morgan Murphy

I'd be willing to bet Morgan Murphy was like a real-life Daria in high school—irreverent, sardonic, and way smarter you. She probably couldn't wait to get the hell outta there. She knew she was destined for bigger and better things. Fri, 7 pm, Vera Project

Ron Funches

Ron Funches!!! Please be my friend. Sat, 7 pm, Bagley Wright Theater; Sun, 5 pm, Bagley Wright Theater


Sat, 4 pm, Vera Project

Explosions in the Sky

I've been on a real Explosions in the Sky kick lately. I like to listen to their majestic sonic landscapes while I'm doing really mundane stuff like walking the dogs or folding laundry. They make everything seem really heroic.

Sat, 9:50 pm, Fisher Green


Sun, 5:30 pm, KEXP


I'm excited for DoNormaal. Definitely the most exciting hiphop artist I've seen lately. The things she says and how she says them (especially live) are brilliant and unmatched. Fri, 5:30 pm, KEXP


Fri, 2:30 and 8:30 pm, Vera Project; Sat, 9:15 pm, SIFF; Sun, 7:15 pm, SIFF

Run the Jewels

They are powerful, batshit, and correct about all of it. I'm writing in Bernie/Killer Mike in November. Main Stage, Sat, 7:20 pm

Margo Price

She'll smoke your brains out, then sing your face off. (I KNOW THIS AS FACT.) She's, as they say, "the real motherfucking deal." Margo and her talented band of hard-living sinners don't have any room for horseshit. They make me feel home. Sun, 6 pm, Starbucks Stage

Ron Funches

He's pure love. He's a Care Bear that showed up to do some dabs, make you laugh hard, and love all the white women. I'm beyond grateful he's my real-life buddy. I won't miss any of his sets, unless the two above are playing, but Reverend Fun will understand. Sat, 7 pm, Bagley Wright Theater; Sun, 5 pm, Bagley Wright Theater


Fri, 3:10 pm, Starbucks Stage

Jesse + Josh = Josh

We are MOST excited to see the comedy act Jesse + Josh = Josh. One of the Joshes is our booking agent; we're not sure what to expect, but he's got such kind eyes it will be hard not to at least smile. Fri, 9 pm, Center Theater

Billy Idol

Billy Idol is playing.

Billy Idol is playing! I think that's all we really have to say about that. Sun, 8:30 pm, Fisher Green

Fetty Wap

This will be a pretty enlightening show, too. He looks like such a peaceful person, maybe he will see us and take us on tour with him. We would like to hang out with him and do some Seattle things together. Maybe go to the Space Needle or something. Fri, 7:35 pm, KeyArena

Dude York

A great and sentimental band. We went on tour with them, and now every time we see them we tear up a little bit. They have the hooks and the looks! Sat, 6:40 pm, KEXP


Fri, 9:40 pm, Fisher Green

Whenever I go to festivals, I never look at the list of artists playing. I just like to just walk around and check out the music and stumble on bands I've never seen before. I have found some of the best bands like that—like John Butler Trio!


Sun, 9:10 pm, Main Stage

Radiation City

As a Portlander, I might be the slightest bit biased here, but darn it if I don't feel like these Rose City brethren of mine are one of the best things going these days. A healthy dose of dazzling doo-wop harmonies here, a comforting bed of Stereolab synthesizers there, underpinned by a seriously funky rhythm section and blasted into orbit by Lizzy Ellison's soaring, virtuosic pipes—this is music that, when listened to in earbuds whilst walking down the street, makes you feel just a little bit cooler. Their new album

Synesthetica is a total corker. Sat, 3:50 pm, Fisher Green

Run the Jewels

You don't need me to tell you this, but they simply burn down everything they touch. Unmissable. Main Stage, Sat, 7:20 pm

Explosions in the Sky

Often imitated, never bettered. Sat, 9:50 pm, Fisher Green

Chastity Belt

There are writers who will do a much better job of describing Chastity Belt's perfect coupling of hazy dreampunk, often brilliant, bitingly sarcastic lyrical approach, and hypnotically compelling live show (that Jaguar jangle! Those krautrock grooves! Oh, the itches that are scratched) so I'll just chip in by saying that you should drop everything you're doing right now and follow the band on Instagram. You will laugh. You will feel unsettled. You will look at selfie sticks in a whole new way. Fri, 6:40 pm, KEXP

White Denim

I encountered this utterly unique band wholly by accident a few years ago at the Pickathon festival and was soon searching for the correct superlative terms with which to describe them, frothing at the mouth, to literally anybody who would listen. Skynyrd-prog? Steely Dan of the bayou? Berklee grads gleefully dropping the brown acid? These are players of frightening ability creating music that, for all of its clever intellectual twists and turns, sounds as comfy as Dad's worn vinyl collection.

Sat, 8:30 pm, Starbucks Stage


Friday, 5:40 pm, Starbucks Stage

Cashmere Cat

This guy has produced some of our favorite tunes and is a pro at incorporating visceral, ASMR-inducing textures in his beats. Gotta get in that Jacuzzi. Sun, 6:05 pm, KeyArena

Dude York

Admittedly these guys are good pals, but damn if they don't put on one of the best live shows out there. Endearing stage banter, rocking tunes, and craziness galore. When was the last time you saw a lead singer hand his guitar to the audience and scream into the kick drum mic mid-song? Sat, 6:40 pm, KEXP

Kate Berlant

To see Kate Berlant live is a transcendent experience. It's cosmic comedy that will make you feel uncomfortable and closer to the person sitting next to you at the same time. Fri, 5:30 pm, Vera Project; Sat, 5:30 pm, Vera Project


Fri, 4 pm, Starbucks Stage

Naked Giants

They broke out of the pack at EMP's Sound Off 2015 and are killing it live. Got a new record coming out. Could be Seattle's next great rock export by this time next year. If you like garage rock with big choruses, go no further. Fri, 3 pm, Starbucks Stage

Tame Impala

They seem to only play festivals in the Northwest, but I'll go. I can't get enough of their '60s psych mixed through a modem. Don't be surprised if Kevin Parker answers your Craigslist ad for that weird guitar pedal from the '60s your dad packed away in the attic a few days before you were born. Sun, 7:40 pm, Main Stage

Ron Funches

Has the best giggle in all of comedy, and some pretty funny jokes as well. It's not his job to be the poster child for diversity in alt comedy, but I'd sure rather smoke a joint with him than the thousands of middle-class white dudes open mic–ing and dreaming about a writing gig on

SNL. Sat, 7 pm, Bagley Wright Theater; Sun, 5 pm, Bagley Wright Theater


Sat, 3:50 pm, Fisher Green

Manatee Commune

I don't know what your music sounds like, Manatee Commune, but your namesake is a favorite in the animal kingdom, so maybe your music will be, too! Also, we're a little jealous that we didn't think of this band name first. We applaud you, Manatee Commune. Sun, 4:30 pm, KeyArena

Reggie Watts

Reggie has mastered the art of performance. Every time we see him, his act is different, and it only gets better and better. Sat, 5:30 pm, Fisher Green


Sun, 5:35 pm, Fisher Green

Anderson .Paak

I was already a fan of

Venice, but Malibu took my fandom over the top! He taps into an old-school nostalgic feel while managing to remain current and fresh. One of the best live shows I've seen in the last five years. Highly, HIGHLY recommended! Sat, 6 pm, Main Stage

Billy Idol

How could I not be excited to see Billy Idol?! Sun, 8:30 pm, Fisher Green

Bryson Tiller

Big fan of down-tempo, sexy R&B. Listening to his music reminds me of what it felt like to have a high-school crush. Looking forward to a serenade sesh. Fri, 8:40 pm, KeyArena


Just getting into Halsey, heard she's killer live. I've never seen her before, but am always looking to show love to badass ladies! Fri, 8:20, Main Stage

Reggie Watts

I'm pretty sure Reggie writes most of his songs on the spot, which gives his sound a creative edge and freedom that I haven't seen very often. He's also hilarious. If you're paying close enough attention to what he's saying, you'll end up in tears, all while being completely impressed with his vocal ability. Big fan of his! Sat, 5:30 pm, Fisher Green

Tame Impala

Saw Tame Impala at Sasquatch, and have been wanting to experience it all over again ever since. Incredible band and live performers! Sun, 7:40 pm, Main Stage

Tyler, the Creator

Party time, excellent! Fri, 5:25 pm, Main Stage


Sat, 5:30 pm, KEXP

Andrew Bird

The last time I saw him play was at Bumbershoot a few years ago, and it was completely mesmerizing. I'm really looking forward to hearing him play his new record and having my mind blown again. Fri, 8 pm, Fisher Green

Tame Impala

I've been listening to them for years and can't wait for the chance to finally see them live. Sun, 7:40 pm, Main Stage

Deep Sea Diver

My favorite Seattle band. Jessica Dobson always continues to inspire me. She's my guitar hero. Sun, 6:40, KEXP

Wilfred Padua

The Flavr Blue

We all graduated from Seattle University together in 2009. It's really amazing to see my peers doing great things with their art! Wilfred Padua: Fri, 8:30 pm, Vera Project; Sat, 5:30, Vera Project; Sun, 2:30 and 7 pm, Vera Project. The Flavr Blue: Sun, 4:30, Fisher Green

Maiah Manser

It's such a joy to hear her sing live. What an amazing vocalist. Sun, 4:20, Starbucks Stage


Fri, 6:40 pm, KEXP

Third Eye Blind

I'm pretty excited for this. I'm curious what their live show is like, and I'm sure it will make me feel nostalgic. My friend Robin (Lisa Prank) saw them last year and said it changed her life. Sun, 6:50, Fisher Green

Death Cab for Cutie

We went on a European tour with these guys last fall, and I haven't seen them live since. It will be nice to get to see them again. They always put on a really great show, and listening to them brings back some high-school emotions. Sun, 9:10 pm, Main Stage


I've never seen her before, but I've heard great things, and I'm excited to check her out. She plays right before us on the KEXP stage, so I'm sure I'll be able to make it. Fri, 5:30 pm, KEXP


These gals are sweet. We played a show with them a few months ago and had a great time. It will be fun to see them again. They have a really fun stage energy. Saturday, 7:20 pm, Starbucks Stage

Laser Nirvana

I've never been to a laser show, LOL!! Can't wait! Fri, 6:15 pm, Laser Dome


Fri, 4 pm, Vera Project; Sat, 2:30, Vera Project; Sat, 7 pm, Bagley Wright Theater; Sun, 5:30 and 7 pm, Vera Project

Lisa Prank

We met in LA last January and we both love Blink-182, so we became pals. Sun, 3 pm, KEXP

Chastity Belt

Because they're a great local band doing cool things. Fri, 6:40 pm, KEXP

Third Eye Blind

Because they are THIRD EYE BLIND. Sun, 6:50, Fisher Green


Sat, 4 pm, Vera Project

VIP area

In the last couple years, there's been a really great VIP area for performers with a free hot-dog stand and an open bar. I stopped forming concrete memories shortly after learning about it. Fri–Sun, backstage