Thanks Emily for being rad and thanks to you and your crew for making great music. Me and my partner have played shows with you guys and you have always been top notch. We decided to join the breeders club and had a daughter two years ago and she is your #1 fan. (Bowie finally got to meet you and Eric at Easystreet this week and she was STOKED!) keep doing what you do.
Please consider changing the name to The Taco Cat-band.
This article improved my day a notch. Thanks.
Dang it Emily, that article was really good! Yup, got a tad weepy, too. Keep it up. Rock On! Everyone.
Great story and amazing-sounding year! Thanks for this.
Ew, this article is such public masturbation. Delusional, self-absorbed and Lena Dunham-esque. How is this even punk? It feels so contrived.

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