Seattle Artists, Musicians, Writers, and Filmmakers Share Their Regrets About 2016


No regrets (ones I haven't rectified) life is a continuous learning experience. That's what makes it so Great.
I hope to leave the world when the time comes with as few regrets as possible.
I regret having had an abusive marriage. I don't regret not ever having any children from that disastrous relationship. I can't change my past, but I can still learn from it and move on.
@1 marilynsue: All the best and congratulations with your shared story, soon to be published! Music continues to be therapeutic for me; I am working on my latest composed orchestral work in loving memory of my beloved parents.
But the Washington State Film Tax Incentive (AKA The Motion Picture Competitiveness Program) is still in business for 2017. What we in the Film Industry need to do is go to and sign and share the new petition and then go to Olympia on March 13 and have one hell of a Film Day! We need to both renew and increase the current program which has been stuck at $3.5 Million annually for the last decade. This is a 10-1 Return On Investment. Last year we left $107 Million on the table due to the Cap Restriction. The amount of our incentive is the 5th smallest in the country. We can do better!