Bands I Pretended to Like for Boys. Part 7.5: I Can't Write About Bands I Pretended to Like for Boys Right Now


Don't sweat it: you're not the first person to balk at a public explanation of pretending to like the music of Rush.
wow. what a treat - a self indulgent little article about how her proposed first article is totes like unimportant now. thanks for letting us know instead of, you know, just going about your business not writing the original article. this is rilly rilly important stuff here...
Well, it won't stop me from talking about Rush. I used to really like Rush, back in the day. I had most, if not all of their albums. I still think the musicianship is stellar. But holy shit, they make Led Zeppelin sound like easy listening. Screeching vocals, ferocious guitar, and slamming drums sound great when you are 15, but eventually you just get tired of it. They have decent lyrics, though.
@2 Everything must be life or death. Otherwise, just go home, huh? But yeah, skip Rush. Nobody comes out of that looking good.
I am Canadian. Rush is awesome prog rock.

But to be clear a story about the insecurities of growing up is not trivial. It is what it is. Being a teenager is hard so while it may seem flippant to some, as the parent of a teenager I can appreciate it.
This article is always a fun read and something I consistently look forward to. Thanks for being honest and candid in a time when it's sincerely needed.

@2 How's you're article going?