Bands I Pretended to Like for Boys. Part Eight: Rush


Who hasn't pretended to like Rush at some point in their life? I even went to their show at the Gorge, and I won't say I regret it.

From the outside looking in, it seems obvious to me that Alex Lifeson definitely made the band listenable to the masses.
I think you should change the name of this series into "My Low Self Esteem Made Me Hide My True Self."
@1 *raises hand*

I did at one point pretend to not like Cheap Trick, though.
Alex Lifeson's appearance on Trailer Park Boys is the only defensible thing about Rush at the end of the day
Les summed it up the best:
The flute is still relevant to modern music! OK, maybe not like, very relevant, but Blood Ceremony is awesome, especially if you ever thought Jethro Tull and Black Sabbath should get together kinda like Parliament and Funkadelic did.…
Umm, if you're claiming to pretend to like Rush than you obviously do not "get" Rush. Rush has a huge catalog of great music and none of them are trying to out play the others. Rush is three great musicians writing some of the best music ever recorded. You don't have to like it but if want to act like you know something about music Rush would be the last band to criticize. Further more no one is trying to exclude women for liking Rush, at the end of the day Rush and all other prog bands are a business and it's their goal to make as much money as they can. Purposely excluding a significantly sized customer base is bad business so get your head out of your feminist ass and stop whining about white males.
The dude wouldn't give you Sting as a iconic frontman? Dick.
@7- Parody account or not? I just can't tell.
three of the world’s best musicians in constant competition

Ha, well put. I really like these series. I was a huge Rush fan back in the day, and probably owe a fair amount of my hearing loss to the band. I never thought of them as "progressive rock" (never heard of the term back then) -- I just thought of them as heavy metal. I certainly didn't think that women didn't like heavy medal because they didn't "get it" -- more that it simply didn't appeal to them. Probably because smashing, abrasive, nasty in your face music simply has more appeal to a young, can't-get-laid, angst ridden teenage boy. Unlike AC/DC or Black Sabbath though, the music isn't easily dismissed. It isn't crap. It is just so ... fucking .. abrasive. Good lyrics, great musicianship, but unless you are trying to stay awake on a long drive, or pissed off at the world, I wouldn't bother with it.
Hello. Late to the thread. I am a boy Rush fan turned into an old man Rush fan.

Rush covered a lot of different styles-- the primary catalogue was 20 studio albums over 40 years. Some of the later albums tend to be more "girl friendly" that the early ones. Over the last ten years of their career, I would look around the audience and see larger and larger numbers of women. I hope that you will one day find a Rush track you like.