The blacksmith shop where both Pearl Jam and Soundgarden used to rehearse. amber cortes


Isn't the Black Sun sculpture in Magnuson Park?
@1 The Sound Garden is there.

Funny that OK Hotel never gets mentioned. Maybe it's just *too* heartbreaking to see it now turned into "lofts" -- :I
An abridged history of Seattle modern music:
1980s - Synthesize (punk/ metal/ pop)
1990s - Capitalize (tours/ merch/ flannel)
2000s - Homogenize ("Bands with messy hair and smooth white faces...")
2010s - Eulogize (it's gone, but wasn't that great?)
The "ize" have it...what's next Seattle?
Looking for a house, I toured one that had a basement with no windows, an oversized door, a small stage and a small audio room. We were told that one member of Pearl Jam used to own the house. I didn't buy it but it was cool. This was in Ravenna near Candy Cane Lane.

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