Five Reasons the Red Hot Chili Peppers Are Maybe Okay?

In Which I Try to Love a Band That’s Easy to Hate


1… Is a good thing to come from RHCP, Nathan!
You're calling a total lack of "socks on cocks" a good thing?

The Chili Peppers early albums are fun but sexist. Later Chili Peppers are boring and probably still sexist but I haven't listened to the words closely because why bother, it's adult contemporary.
I don't know where all the Chili Pepper hate comes from. I lived in LA from '86 to '92, saw them at medium-sized clubs and always had a good time. Mother's Milk is a great party album.

And by the way, the mid/late-80s was a really shitty time for music in LA. Hair bands lined the Sunset Strip. Bands like the RHCP, Jane's Addiction (also widely-hated for some reason), Thelonious Monster, Fishbone, Mary's Danish and X made the LA music scene bearable.
I can't believe there are still lame hipsters peddling that "the peps don't suck that bad" shit. Apologizing for the lamest band ever is a pretty sad scene to be selling.
@4: I'm pretty sure it's lame hipsters who consider the RHCP "the lamest band ever". And call them "the peps".
Did Kathleen Tarrant pretend to like this band for a boy?
'I hate them because I've got an easy life with no real problems and this is the best a lazy journalist with no real ties to the undercurrent of this city could come up with' is the story I read. Congratulations for being given a job that doesn't require any actual journalism.
Oh so you are critiquing a band based on songs and styles from 20-30 years ago without any knowledge of how they are today? How open minded and cosmopolitan of you! I bet The Rolling Stones REALLY piss you off for putting out "Some Girls" 40 years ago.

Oh well, Depeche Mode never changes, right? They'll always be great music to run your mascara....
The RHCP have been service up the same pablum for the last 20 years, and they have gone to the Metallica category for me: Change the station, don't buy records, and only listen to old stuff for a nostalgia trip. They are old, terrible, and if you like them you are a terrible person.