Seattles reigning vinyl court jester.
Seattle's reigning vinyl court jester.

This week, The Seattle Channel spotlighted legendary record collector/Emerald City Soul Club DJ/Stranger receptionist for life Mike Nipper on its Art Zone program, and it is sexy. In the segment, Nipper talks about his digging strategies, his rationale for collecting, his scores (Strawberry Alarm Clock and Ceyleib People LPs) at Georgetown Records and Everyday Music, and gives a brief tour of the "Church," aka the vinyl museum he calls his living space, which currently holds 20,000 LPs and 45s... and is increasing daily. No, he's not a hoarder. And he can quit whenever he wants. Seriously. If you didn't like Mike before (you monster), you will, uh, kind of like him after viewing this video. Check it out below.