Nightjar, a new dance/cabaret club run by Re-bar co-owners Michael Manahan and Dane Garfield Wilson, is poised to open this summer in Pioneer Square (407 2nd Ave Ext South, in the old Double Header space; a soft opening for industry people and friends is happening Saturday, May 13).

Named after a Northwestern nocturnal coastal bird, Nightjar will begin with a focus on burlesque and fringe theater, "like a bigger version of our weekday and early-evening programming at Re-bar," Wilson says in an e-mail interview. Toward the end of the year, Nightjar plans to add music to the schedule, but the owners are taking care "not to shoot ourselves in the foot with the size of the scene or the Re-bar programming," Wilson says. Re-bar has become legendary for hosting the longest-running house-music night on the West Coast, Flammable, plus other mainstays like Monster Planet and EPIC. He adds that Nightjar's drinks "will be one step up from the Re-bar. In keeping with the decor and historical feel, we'll have some craft cocktails." Unlike Re-bar, which is only open during events, Nightjar will be a full-time bar.

In Nightjar's main space, Manahan and Wilson removed all the beer paraphernalia, pool tables, inflatable Corona bottles, televisions, and any other branded decor. In 2018, they hope to open the Double Header Room, an event space connected to Nightjar. There will be smaller, private events, plus a separate bathroom and entrance. The Double Header Room will be decked out with the historical decor from the original business.

Wilson wishes to emphasize that Re-bar is not closing soon, nor are the owners going to move its events to Nightjar.