Why is it called "upstream" anyway? Seattle is basically downstream --at the end, really-- of all the rivers that flow through or near it. #Cnfsd
A lot of fair points in there. It does sound a little whiny considering that block party and bumbershoot, both have plenty of flaws after years of operation.

"Get some really big local headliners."

Lol. Please don't. I think it's awesome there were so many local acts but when choosing headliners I don't see a need to restrict ourselves to Seattle artists. I thought it was great they brought in Flying Lotus and I would like to see more artists from out of the state and out of the country.
Margarita's in a plastic tub, great friends and a boom box.
" We are not smuggling in weapons, we are not going to get in roid-rage fist fights"
Bullshit, fights happen at festivals and clubs all the time, sorry you couldn't smuggle in the booze.

"no one is going to read that fucking thing, which will bring us back to problem number 1."
So, laziness? Sorry that you didn't read the fine print when you bought the ticket.

"This shit is too expensive and too big. "
I don't understand the clear bag requisite. If you have liquor or a gun wouldn't you just have them in a coat pocket or do your shooting at Occidental Square? I didn't see any frisking or magnetometers. Funny that Upstream gave people bags that weren't allowed at the main stage.

I bought my one day (Thursday) wristband at the box office on 1st. I was a little miffed about registering it with a scan and submitting my name and e-mail. Thought about false names, but who knows, Big bro might know to reject that. I also thought that maybe all the wristbands are pink and I have to register so staff know I'm paid for Thursday.

The staff at the Central had a helluva time scanning me as their first subject of the Fest. They said it was to count for capacity, then why not a clicker. Thing was, there were 20 or 30 non-festivalers inside, and could have stayed all night for free. Like some other venues, I was also scanned leaving. I assumed they were data mining, and I'll get some custom ads. I did like the web page and app.

I assume there were a multitude of bands and venues because several venues are so small. I think if you cut the price and bands in half there wouldn't be enough venue capacity. I think big name acts would also draw too many people.

Like most festivals, I enjoyed it, and it made me nostalgic for the glory days of Pioneer Square with its Joint Covers. I was exposed to nine new bands and left at 10:30pm. Sure, I could make the effort to see most of those bands at places like Neumos or Chop Suey, but it would take a trip for each and they wouldn't even start until 10:30pm.
>not middle-class or a brogrammer

I really can't wrap my head around what the distinction here would be
I agree with your points 2,4,5. Too pervy, drop the big venues in return for more open stages where more than 47 people can hear Sassy Black. Who was in a giant EMPTY room
@5 nails it. We used to fill those venues to the rafters.
A focus strictly limited to bands from the PNW is far too restrictive for a music festival. If SXSW were limited to bands from Austin and central Texas, but excluded Spoon, Willie Nelson, the Black Angels, Lyle Lovett, etc, the festival would be about 1.5 days long.

If the goal is to promote up and coming bands, then give people some candy by scheduling some headliners. Put Pearl Jam on stage in Occidental and you'll get 10,000 people spilling over into the adjacent clubs to see other bands. As it was, I had a hard time understanding why I should pay for a festival when I could see most of those bands any day of the week for a $10 cover.
@9 nah, we are building Cascadia here.
And stop charging $50 to volunteer. That's often the only way low income folks can get in to festivals.

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