Rabbi? My Rabbi doesn't approve? That was a shock.

Is it really hierarchical? or is it "the second one of her favorite men" - they are both favorites, just he's the second ... like when I had a second doughnut the other day, it wasn't hierarchical, it just was my second ...

well, I'm over-thinking it. Glad there's a country song about it, but I still don't like country music.
Yeah. I used to attend social gatherings for poly people. It's distressing how judgmental poly people can be.
There was a really good (somewhat ambiguously) pro-polyamory song from a big name indie rocker a few years ago -- Slippery Slopes by Jenny Lewis. A few excerpts:

I see it happening
I'll get the golden ring
I want eternity
For her and you and me


Is anyone listening?
There's joy that freedom brings
And I'll be your liberty
If she eats after me

'Cause if you don't express it, you will express it later
With whom God only knows
If for just one second it helps us to remember
That we like each other the most
"so sensitive to being told their Doing It Wrong"

* they're
I'm more startled that it's a country song, than that it's a pro-polyamory song, honestly. ;-)
@3: Probably because they're people.
I'd rather it hadn't come with pictures. I like to be able to judge a song objectively as opposed to getting distracted by someone with the bad taste to wear a LBD to a backyard barbeque (even if it is a swinger's event, it's still a fricken' barbeque, lady).
I do like some country music, but that was just painful to listen to. I couldn't even get through the whole thing. That said, nice to see an older woman represented, with some lines on her face and all. @8, Does it make you feel better to know she had the poor taste to dress her husband equally inappropriately?

Please wait...

and remember to be decent to everyone
all of the time.

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