Derek Pavone: skillfully blending genres, firmly rejecting request.
Derek Pavone: skillfully blending genres, firmly rejecting requests. Kara Barnes, treatment by Finis Ray for Möbius Sisters

DEREK PAVONE: Bottom Forty [with Nark, Hyasynth, Sappho], and Möbius Sisters [with Rob Winter, Shelrawka])

Current top 5 tracks:

Spanky Wilson, "Sunshine of Your Love" (Copycat’s Retake; digital release)
"A raw soul cover of a Cream song gets an honest reinterpretation."

Audion/Tiga, "Stabbed in the Back" (Turbo Recordings).
"Pair up quirky Tiga with micro-master Matthew Dear and you get this unique gem."

Matador, "The Enemy feat. Felix Da Housecat (Julian Jeweil Remix)" (Rukus).
"Fairly new to Julian Jeweil’s work, but this remix is certainly one of my favorites of his productions."

Alex Costa, "Soft Module" (KD Raw)
"Awkward techno track perfect for anyone suffering from ADD."

Lipelis, "It’s Alright" (L.I.E.S.)
"Cheesy disco track gets the proper edit treatment and sets the floor on fire every time."

DJing Philosophy: "I feel it’s the DJ’s duty to play appropriate music at an event, yet still tell a story while expressing themselves musically through their selections.

"Music has been one of my passions since I first really started listening to music with my dad in his car. I remember hearing artists like Johnny Cash, Beach Boys, Arthur Fiedler and Creedence Clearwater Revival, and became transfixed with the energy and stories being told by the musicians.

"I try to keep my sets varied enough to ensure everyone gets to hear something that may resonate with them. Being able to skillfully blend genres together is what I strive for."

Styles played: "Disco, techno, house, electro, new wave, goth, industrial, and all flavors in between."

Format: "Pioneer USB CDJs and records. I prefer a Pioneer DJM900 mixer, but can make do with any mixing rig, really. I started DJing professionally on CDJs then went the laptop and controller route for a while. But after three hardware/software failures while performing live, I went running back to CDJs."

Worst request: "All of them."

Upcoming events: Möbius Sisters first Fridays at the Eagle and Stiffed! Disco parties sporadically.

June 14, Spankbank at The Know Portland, OR; June 16, Fetish Friday Boiler Room at Steamworks; June 21, Manergy at the Eagle; June 24, Bottom Forty Pride Is For Everyone Seattle (visit for location and details); June 28, Paradise Sessions at Monkey Loft; June 29, After Five at Captain Blacks; July 7, Möbius Sisters with Bryan Zentz at the Eagle.

1st Fridays at the Eagle for Möbius Sisters; 2nd Saturdays, 3rd and 4th Fridays at Steamworks; 2nd Thursdays at Saint John’s Bar and Eatery for Capitol Hill Art Walk; 4th Saturdays at Lava Lounge for Pagan Tango; Sunday Tea Dance at Nightjar starting July 16.