did you really attend a week long festival just to judge others and write a stupid story about it... wow what a waste of time and money
I'm guessing he attended a week long festival to do lots and lots of drugs. The stupid story was just how he funded it.
I'll agree with VoiceOfReason47 to an extent, but mostly I'm sorry that you weren't able to make any meaningful connections with other festival-goers during your time there. I'm sure that would have made a considerable difference in your experience.

Or, if you did make meaningful connections, it's even quite sad that you've slighted the festival for your own gain.

I was there until yesterday afternoon and it was a wonderful atmosphere with lots of wonderful people. Like all festivals it had its drawbacks, but in all, was a great time.
The author makes some trenchant observations: festival prices are high, ESL speakers' English can lack nuance, life contains contradictions, and musical preferences vary. If there were a Pulitzer for petulant nitpicking, The Stranger would win hands down with this brave salvo in its war on "hippies."
Wow, such a bitter, judgemental outlook. Just came to a festival to talk shit about everyone and everything? Interesting journalism there.
From having read the Stranger for quite some time now I think this is actually a cultural thing. The author is a member of the "cooler than everyone" "super woke" set who historically thumb their noses at earnest believers who aren't as polished as they are, in this case hippies.

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