Con Brio
Con Brio Adra Boo

So, here I am once again. It’s 3:34 p.m. and I waited a bit to get here so that I could last a little longer than last night. I hope that pays off because I’m really excited to see Lorde. Hopefully she is without the flu of the MTV awards, and we won’t be completely subjected to her modern dance-off (which was fun, but girl, no—I came to hear you sing. Stop playing).
Me on day two!
Me! Day two! Adra Boo

Also on today’s list, I am gonna pop by Margaret Cho. I have not been to the comedy at this festival, so I know there’s 3 acts, and I assume she’s the 3rd. I hope she’s on by 6 p.m. at least. We’ll see

Yes, against my better judgement, I’m in a different wig. It is hot. Why I do this to myself I cannot tell you, but if the Queens can do it, Boo can do it. Girl, you better work this hot ass wig!

Let’s see what the day turns into.

5:24 p.m.: Before I spill about how dope The Skins were (and holy shit, you guys, they were POW), I first went and took a few snaps of Saint Claire. I remember seeing him at Upstream, and though I am deeply into strings—obviously because strings pull some things out of you—I didn't know how I felt about this one. Back in the day, there was this violin/strings group called Bond, and they were four women who killed it, and they had a popish sound. Now Saint Claire sounds like he is the child of them and Justin Bieber. True, I don’t know what that even means, but picture pop songs that teens love with some strings painted on it. Yah. That.

Adra Boo

Then, I went over to the Fisher Green and caught a little bit of this dude, Kevin Abstract. Note: I am feeling older and older by the hour—is everyone 17-22 now? Who are these people? They’re prolly like “who’s mom is this?” Anyways, Kevin Abstract was actually pretty fun. Hip hop in the new school of Tyler, The Creator and Chance the Rapper. Now, I know some hip hop connoisseur will say those two sound absolutely different, but I’m saying "young rappers"—none of this is making sense, I know. Just take a journey with me on this one, okay?



Okay, a while ago, when Fly Moon Royalty was still building, we were thinking of trying to do some show trades with this band in Brooklyn. We knew then that they were pretty filthy, but I believe they kinda knew then too. Bruh! BRUH! This chocolate brown bright reddish pink haired QUEEN with a gleamingly fly grill (I assume maybe) rocked the rest of the minimal amounts of clothing off these fools!! This was the band!!! Everyone was high (in my journey of events) on life, bouncing to each and every song this woman belted out with her band—minus her sister the bassist—and on guitar was this mean white girl who was hella energy. DAMN. DAMN. I gotta catch these guys again!

I’m back to hiding for a sec (aka charging my phone). Change of plans… I’m really not trying to see things inside. I’m gonna make this an outdoor stage kind of day. Why? Because. I’m drinking hella water, and burning hella calories (mostly in sweat from this hair, but I’m cute so the sacrifice is real). Be back soon.

6:42 p.m.: I’m back up here, hiding. I am on my “monthly,” so this day is more of a challenge than I thought it would be. Still, she persisted and went and caught a few more acts.

Have you heard of Con Brio? These dudes are soul rock! They are fireworks on the fourth on a backstreet with black folks’ kids! They are pop rocks and sprite, but also a beautiful at The Esquire Club (and some of y’all don’t know what a beautiful is… too bad)! The only other way I could describe them is… y’all know Down North? Okay, these guys are on that page, but the singer has a higher voice and isn’t as bossy about if people are dancing or not. Just saying (that doesn’t mean I don’t like the music so there). I enjoyed this band almost as much as The Skins, and frankly, after missing Afropunk this year, I needed this infusion of soul! Thank you, Universe! Ooooh they even covered Nirvana’s Heart-Shaped Box and it was sweeeeeeet as hell. Boy sang some panties of a handful of these broads out there!

Now, I decided to go see who was playing at the Fisher Green. Now, I might catch a little heat, but when people say “they’re so good,” I have to know where you’re coming from cuz not everything is good to everyone. Period. Sorry. And I could say something is sufficient, that someone is good at what they do, but it might not be my flavor. I might get invited to come over, show up, and have the best time, but I might not eat what your mama cooked.

That being said, I caught Tacocat. Now, you’re thinking: “Adra is cold blood shitting on Tacocat” but that’s not true. They indeed, are good at what they do, and I can recognize that. It’s just not my thing. I stayed for two songs, and maybe because I’m not drinking, it felt like a whole two songs. Props to Tacocat—they did kick ass for those who were watching, and there were hella people watching.

Y’all out there reading this like: “Adra is clowning.” I’m not. It is entirely too muggy to do more, and my body is still talking shit from the combination of yesterday and my cycle. Dear body, GET YOUR DAMN LIFE!

10:54 p.m.: I am at home. My body, yet again, said “ho no! Let’s be out.” And I listened because tomorrow is a special day… SOLANGE!!! And I’m not even going to go into that excitement right now cuz I don’t want to get into my feelings and start to weep with joy (cuz I told y’all I’m on the rag. The emotions are REAL TOO REAL)… but anyhoo, yah, let me give y’all my last bits.

So I headed over to Memorial Stadium. Overtime I go in there, I remember 1994, when me, Dionne, April, Tim, and a bunch of us started the CHS Dance Squad, and really, it was a way to get into the football games, AND we were actually filthy though! Dancing in the middle of the field during halftime in our red sweats with white tees!


I was hungry too, but the lines were killer. Someone handed me a Johnny’s seasoning package, French Dip! I took that pack too! And it eventually led me to Simply Soulful Cafe for a fried catfish sandwich and red koolaid! YES, I DID DRINK THE KOOLAID, and it was my whole childhood, relived! Thank you, Universe for today's Black love in the way of jams and food—my soul was taken care of!

Then, it was time for Weezer, and I tell you what, I don’t even know how half these kids even know these songs since they look like they weren’t born yet! But man oh man, they were going hard, and the band put on a great show! I will say they look like your friend’s cool dad who still plays music, but is just slightly awkward, and not in a bad way, but in that way. You know… when you're a teen and your dad’s band is practicing in the basement in their work clothes. They didn’t all look that way, but the visual vibe was super THAT.

Weezer are cool geezers...
Weezer are cool geezers... Adra Boo

Also, I was so surprised as to how many Weezer songs I actually kinda knew. I’m not oblivious to them, but that’s not the jams I put on whenever—I love my soul and R&B, but OOOOO it was so much fun. Weezer songs still stand the test of time, and they even gave us some new songs too. The kids were a stadium of good and bad karaoke.

I stayed for their whole set because I wanted to stay in Memorial for Lorde. My whole day lead to her set. You should know I know all but a few songs on Pure Heroine by heart, and I have listened to Melodrama, and though it is more on the pop vibe, it is still a great album, full of the textures and faux social awkwardness that I love about Lorde. I really like this child.

Lorde, today...
Lorde, today... Adra Boo

After watching them change the stage over, I kept noticing the emptiness of the photo pit. Now remember, I’m in the photo pass, but I also have that “I’m legit with AEG” wristband too, so it was apparently time to test that out—where could I go for real real? Well, y’all, I was able to be amongst only maybe five other AEG media staff—YES, I GOT IN!!! And it was SOOOOOOOO good! She opens the set with "Tennis Court" off Pure Heroine, and the crowd is singing along and going crazy! A guy eventually comes over to see if I’m legit—I wave him the wristband, and he’s thinking’ I gotta leave, but NAH BRUH, I’M LEGIT! Oooooooooo, that was the move, but of course, I wasn’t trine over-stay my welcome. This is a club I’m in just this time, you know, and I’m always trying to be invited back, period!

Man, I was a teen all over again, but in someone else story, and it was amazing! Lorde was nowhere near as weird as I thought she might come out and be. You pretty much used to hear about her with her boyfriend and they were in pix looking just… awkward. And then at the MTV awards, she didn’t even have a voice, and I was not sure what to expect, but she was just so sweet and appreciative of people being there to see her. She mentioned playing the Showbox sometime back, and how she got to ride the Great Wheel this time, and how much she enjoys it when teenage girls are at the shows cuz they’re the most go-hard of her fans. I was so impressed. The songs were placed so well, and the visuals and dancers were liking watching a live art installation. I only wish that the crowd was behind me, but I also don’t do crowds well, and tomorrow will be the test… (SOLANGE!!!!!) but I am so glad I get to be the correspondent for all this business! What a Kool time, even when I was just hanging out in the AEG space talking about how we all know ArtStar and how he’s all our boo thang!

To end this off, remember how plans changed, and I was gonna catch the outdoor shows? That meant I missed the Margaret Cho comedy set. But the Universe recognizes when you are going through it, and it throws you a cosmic bone. While coming out of the Weezer photo pit, I spot a very incognito Ms. Cho and I politely ask her if I can take a Polaroid of her, and she obliges, and it is one of the best Polaroids of the day!

Margaret Cho
Margaret Cho Adra Boo

I only have a few pix for y’all, but her photo was the best of the Saturday instant film exploration. Also, randomly, a guy was taking photos for “Faces of Bumbershoot” for The Stranger, and he took my picture. Lemme see when that comes out if I’m in there.

My feet are not having anymore of this chit chat. I’ma snatch off this hair, drink this cider, and go to bed. Girl, bye.