As Vulnicura is to strings, Utopia is to flutes.
As Vulnicura is to strings, Utopia is to flutes. Santiago Felipe

Björk released her long-awaited ninth studio album Utopia last week, and if you’ve given it a listen (which you should), you may have noticed that it contains more than its fair share of flutes.

However, the sheer quantity of wind instruments on the record actually wasn’t enough for Björk. She revealed in an interview on Beats 1 that she’s planning to release a live version of the record in the spring with even more flutes.

“There were a lot of flute things I didn’t completely explore, like more soloists and mysterious kind of flute playing, and I’m gonna be rehearsing with the flute players here in Iceland,” Björk said.

“I just want it to happen organically in early spring,” she added about the future album. “We have some additional flute songs and some different kind of angles.”

You can listen to the full interview here, but for context, Björk told the Guardian that she commissioned 12 female flautists, and had them practice every Friday in her Icelandic cabin for 50 or 60 days to prepare for the album recordings.

Björk saying this is like when Kanye dropped The Life of Pablo, but then tweeted “Ima fix wolves.” And then taking a month to redo the song and justifying it because the record is "living breathing changing creative expression."

So Björk's decision to redo the record isn't entirely like Kanye's, but if she were to remake Utopia with a different instrument other than flutes, I wonder what she'd choose? Björk could probably use kazoos and it would still sound amazing.