Well SJWs are really just the mirror images of evangelical christians - allergic to logic and if you don't agree you should go to hell.
"Many people have pointed out the irony of selling that particular shirt at the Red Apple, a historically black grocery store that will soon be turned into condos in a rapidly gentrifying neighborhood."

It's way more ironic that people who think they're social justice warriors turned a shirt that is explicitly anti-Nazi into one that is pro-Nazi.
1 person getting upset about 1 T shirt?

sounds like the Garrett's crowd is now involved.

Punk Rock Flea Market is the complete opposite of a racist event. Having attended many of them, I can attest to the fact that it is an event that openly embraces diversity and creativity. While I'm sure the people attacking the event feel like their intentions are noble, they seem very misguided, and intent on painting allies as enemies. I hope this witch hunt doesn't mean the end of an event that means so much to so many, myself included.

Are you, like, a fancy-dress sock-puppet, or just an ordinary stinky gym-sock-puppet?
People are idiots.
#5: I suppose that would make you the fly on that trash.
Well, fairly well known people around these parts are somewhat irony challenged. That has perplexed me though given that so many of them are from elsewhere. Do the dippy gravitate to the northwest? Does something happen to the previously non-dippy when they move here? Or are all the concern trolls and perpetually outraged natives?
I try to retain what i think is the art/community spirit of this event in mind. It is a little chaotic in experience with a lot of sensory stimulation but a curious and fun way to see artists selling their wares.
All those supposed socio/cultural opinion voicers arrogantly pose the condemnations against the illusions of race culture insensitivity are as a mob in a witch trial in the dark ages, carnivorous and obstinate while disregarding the full reality for the sake of their compulsion to demonize this community event that is a manifestation of humanity in our city.
Somebody went there looking for a fight and got it.
Let me guess... the "protester" was white.
This story is a cautionary tale not to automatically believe people who claim to be victims of oppression.

We must not ignore such claims. But we shouldn’t automatically believe them either. Investigate, then judge - not the other way around.

Jewish people don't have some standing to talk about Nazis? I mean sure they have privileges that black people don't, and I'm not asserting they face *more* threat from current white supremacists, but they're surely on the threat list, aren't they?
Right-wing censors seek to suppress potentially inappropriate, irreverent, or improperly-vetted speech, but our benevolent Left-wing speech guardians seek to protect us from potentially inappropriate, irreverent, or improperly-vetted speech. There is a world of difference!
@7 Christopher Comte I'm very real- not a racist yt gay liberal
@5 According to Klan Watch - an organization that my mom's boss, whom survived Auschwitz, belonged to - American Nazis want to rid the US of Jews, Blacks, Catholics and Vietnamese people. This was 20 yrs ago, I'm sure they've added Muslims, Hispanics and many others by now, but yes, Jews are at the top of their hate list.
Oops, @15, not @5
>whom survived Auschwitz

I wish the Nazis wanted to rid the US of people who use pretentious yet incorrect grammar.
Why do the ones with no sense of humor always seem to have the loudest voices and the frailest feelings? I've never seen the shirt except in my mind's eye, but I certainly wouldn't consider it as endorsing Nazis or their ideology. Sheesh.
@14 no no no, people who claim victim status are ALWAYS correct. Unless you don't like that person, then it's a cynical ploy.

Let's just call it what it is: The activist-left is just bullshit mutual-masturbation with no regard for their impacts on other people. They have a fundamentally regressive philosophy. We need to stop considering them part of the progressive or even liberal coalition. They're modern Witch Hunters.
@2 and @5. Hey! Our most disgusting Nazi sympathisers and Nazi apologists are here, German Sausage and COMTE are here! Making excuses for the Nazis! Don't worry, your time for being boycotted and fired will come. Bash these fash!
And this is why Trump won and the dumbest ppl in the world, the Greed Over People party will have control over all three branches of this government forever (gerrymandering helps)

Political correctness!

If something isn't PERFECT like Hillary or the Women's March Jan 21 (I don't like Hillary and her pantsuits or I don't like who is organizing this march!!!) then Dems fuss, cry, and stomp their feet like toddlers!

Wake up idiots! ONE "white flour" t-shirt is not the beginning of a new Weimar Republic! I thought it was funny!

Every time Cheeto head blasts off a stupid tweet or says something dumb at a speech (FBI) the Dems go nuts!

Pay attention to what is happening in Syria, N Korea, the tax bill because who gives a flying fuck what President WTF just tweeted!

Stay focused. And stop this ridiculous infighting!

Of course more Dems are concerned about getting to "The Last Jedi" than care about taxes!

"Flour to the people!"
@2,@5. Yep. COMTE and Sausage are nazi sympathisers. The wrath of social justice is coming for your fashist asses, not to worry.

@17. Thank you for getting us COMTE's name! Cristopher Comte = nazi sympathiser!
Leftism has descended into a mental illness, which will mostly consume those infected with it.
As for whether the shirt is offensive or not, Okrent knows it's not his place to say. He's Jewish, but he's also white, and if people of color felt hurt or unsafe by the shirt, he is genuinely sorry, and, he thinks, so is the vendor who brought it.

It is his place to say it. The idea that a Jewish person's feelings about mocking Nazis is less important than "POC" is offensive beyond reason. I see all these calls for him to "donate money to POC". What is with this neverending shakedown? A Jewish man has to give his profits to blacks because his business sold a t-shirt than mocked Nazis. The sickness of the left is beyond reason, so is the anti-Semitism and extortion. There is as much anti-Semitism coming from the left as the far right. The difference is the far right doesn't veil it and doesn't also extort.
"it (punk rock flea market) was ableist and insensitive to people suffering from OCD"- oh for fucks' sake.
"the Golden gate bridge was ableist and insensitive to people suffering from gephyrophobia"

"Central Park was ableist and insensitive to people suffering from agoraphobia"

"The Smith Tower was ableist and insensitive to people suffering from acrophobia"
Arouind 20% of the world wide Jewish population is estimated to be Black, Asian, Latino or mixed-race.
I’ve been both a volunteer for this event and a vendor for YEARS, and not that my two cents really even matters, but I’ve always known it to be extremely inclusive and supportive community. It hurt to see all the hateful threads online, people jumping to conclusions without actually knowing the facts or people involved who have done so much good for the community.
So someone--or someones--were offended by a shirt that mocks Nazis. Who gives a f*ck. And then they have the gall to attempt a shakedown. Again, f*ck these triggered degenerates. They don't even have the sense to tell the difference between a shirt that mocks Nazis and a shirt that supports Nazis.

And about who can speak to this that and the other. Anyone can speak to anything they want, we aren't living in a Fascist regime yet...that is if we can keep fringe lefties with fascist tendencies at bay.
I feel like we have got to be at about the apex of this Outrage Bubble. I am generally liberal, progressive, and caring. However, newsflash! Life is not all rainbows and unicorns. There are some people today who need to grow some thicker skin, like the rest of us, and stop looking for things to have a sad about.

You post as "Helen Nuschler MD."

A Provider Credential Search at the WA State Dept. of Health returns no records for that name.

Are you licensed in another state or are you just "identifying" as a Physician, which is at minimum grossly unethical.
@35 it's a screen name, dumbfuck
Most disturbing of all is the way people have gone after Josh's friends and family. Regardless of how you feel about the shirt (which again makes FUN of supremacists) it's not ok to be threatening violence. Especially against people who aren't even involved!
So thankful the stranger has become a transparent shitty rag that jabs at trans people, whitesplain minimizes shitty fake allyship white liberals and spends the majority of its time tone policing marginalized people and excusing those who shit on them. Dan Savage is trash and so is this paper

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