Rock Goddesses Thunderpussy Signed to a Major Label and Are Poised to Blow Up

This might be the last New Year's Eve celebration ever. Why not go out with Thunderpussy's decadent rock bang?


It was destined to happen. I've seen a couple thousands rock shows in my life. And I'd not hesitate to rate Thunderpussy in the top five live acts I've ever seen. Seriously.

Also: Individually they are talented, awesome, and frankly just delightful people.

(It's about time the Stranger paid attention to them.)
ThunderPussy = great rock band. Dave S = hodad who writes about... something.
Seriously, you are pumped because a 'major label' 'signed' them?? SERIOUSLY? So 20th century. This is a new millennium. Major labels don't exist. Artists do not make money selling records. The 'major labels' that did exist were simply siphoning organisms latched to the hip of the artists - parasites not to be thrilled about. That this is the BIG POP to you speaks volumes (pun), unfortunately.