...Unless, that is, you work for Amazon.

The retail behemoth is celebrating the end of the holiday season by throwing a Lorde concert at CenturyLink Field for 40,000 guests, aka Amazon employees and their plus-ones. According to GeekWire, "Tonight’s party will have a 'Flashback Friday' theme, with a fun vintage take, such as a silent disco, 'The Price is Right' with a charity twist, Rockaraoke, and throwback food items." Sounds... fun? Don't slip on your fondue, Amazonians.

For everyone else, take heart: Not being invited to this show means you get to stay home and watch Lorde videos for free on your toilet. Here's one from her latest album, Melodrama:

And here she in on SNL:

Here's one with her singing a Paul Simon cover with Lena's Dunham's ex boyfriend, a dude who she is definitely not dating so stop speculating about it because they are definitely NOT dating.

But if, for instance, you happen to steal an Amazon badge and sneak into the Lorde show at CenturyLink tonight and happen to see Lena Dunham's former boyfriend there holding Lorde's drink or her microphone or whatever it is that boyfriends do, tell us immediately.