And those corporate sellouts Tacocat and Dude York, too.
The Stranger has an unwritten rule not to criticize Tacocat since Emily Nokes (lead singer) worked there, 1
Keep us abreast of who's playing for Microsoft, Google, Facebook, etc. too!

I saw Prince at a Sony party one year. And Beck played another year. And Third Eyed Blind (lol). I was at a Microsoft thing where we were tormented by GWAR.

Most big corporations do these types of gigs; they're great for artists, because they tend to pay very well. But yeah, they should totally turn them down because there are so many other ways for musicians to make money.
The best thing that could happen is not having a ticket to hang out with 40,000 flatliners and Lorde.
My first day at the Westin Hotel back in 1988 (or thereabouts), Dionne Warwick performed for a bunch of realtors in the Grand Ballroom. But we knew she was a sell out, right?

(You younger people should have seen the Washington Plaza - now the Westin - back in the day: Trader Vic's for exotic cocktails, Fitzgeralds on Fifth for your disco fix, The Palm Court for fine dining, a wine bar for the newly discovered WA wine market, and the Westlake Room for live music. It was all too much for Seattle, so they closed all that stuff, but it was fun while it lasted. Especially the bars. )

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