OK, I give up, you're right. Nobody has issued a noteworthy rock album since 1996 (bands featuring Stranger alumni excepted, of course).

The form is complete.

When you have to dig back two years to find 9 examples, you're kinda proving my point, Dave.

Fuck's sake but that's sad.

I guess you didn't bother reading beyond the links, huh?
@robotslave Maybe you should start your own blog dedicated to covering rock bands whose members are 18-29 years old. See how that goes.

@4 Thank you.
Dayglo isn't their debut, is it? I remember Between The Eyes coming out first, and Discogs backs that up. Great album, though.

There's evidence, and then there's "nuh yer wrong." And if you have to dig that hard for evidence, you're not in any position to just add an unsupported assertion and get all huffy when it's tossed out by people who are paying close attention to what you've been doing.


Holy shit dude, really? How can you possibly read that back to yourself without hearing the whining?

I'm paying attention to what The Stranger is doing, not to what any of you claim to be doing. And what you're doing is reblogging a whole hell of a lot of press releases telling us which fucking arena is playing host to whatever band is doing a reunion tour on the 25th anniversary of the release of their critically acclaimed record.

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