You might be Fonda this song.
You might be Fonda this song. Hardly Art Records

Jenn Champion (formerly Jenn Ghetto, S, Carissa's Wierd, Crictor) releases a new digital single today, "O.M.G. I'm All Over It." Where previous works portrayed her as an ultra-empathic bedroom-pop consoler (see the albums Sadstyle, I'm Not as Good at It as You, and Cool Choices for proof), this new track busts out a surprising persona: the peppy, fitness-fixated, electro-pop motivator. It's a logical extension of Champion's recent No One EP and her chillwave-y cover of Yes' "Owner of a Lonely Heart." There are still residual traces of Champion's endearing mopiness, but this breezy synth-pop ode radiates tempered hope and a glimmer of self-improvement mojo.

Check out the video below, co-directed by Champion and Jimmy Bazan, and starring members of LA's HyperBody and the band IAN SWEET.

In addition to this new single, Champion is appearing on Hollow Earth Radio's Hot Takes With Hot Dykes show (5-7 pm, 104.9 KHUH FM). Host Clara Pluton and Val Nigro will be broadcasting an interview they did with Champion out of her new base of operations in Los Angeles. Topics will reportedly include—you guessed it—"O.M.G. I'm All Over It," plus Champion's "dishwashing days at the old Bimbos and general dyke theorizing."