The same is lame, so DJ Supreme La Rock digs deeper in his wide-ranging sets.
"The same is lame," so DJ Supreme La Rock digs deeper in his wide-ranging sets. ASHLEY GENEVIEVE

DJ SUPREME LA ROCK (aka DANNY CLAVESILLA; Supremeteam, Buttabros)

Current top 5 tracks:

Martin L. Dumas Jr., "Attitude, Belief & Determination" (Taurean Connection)

Mellow Madness, "Save the Youth" (Mega Sound Studios)

Bileo, "You Can Win" (M.T.U./Watts City)

Spade Brigade, “I’m Your Man” (Select Sound Studios)

Arnie Love & the Lovelettes, “We’ve Had Enough” (Tap)

Crew/label affiliations: "#Supremeteam x #Buttabros. I have releases on Columbia, Ubiquity, OM, Light in the Attic, Conception, Instinct, Eightball, etc."

Styles played: "Soul, funk, disco, boogie, Brazilian, Afro-funk, Latin, dancehall, house, hiphop, world."

Events organized:
"Supreme Sundays (bi-monthly summer day party at MBar)
Motown on Mondays at Bar Sue"

DJing philosophy: "Play from the heart. There are no rules; just make sure to keep a smooth solid flow and read your crowds. You want them to be happy."

Format: "Vinyl and Serato."

Worst request: "All of 'em. Just enjoy yourself, like the rest of the crowd. I've spent many years and a whole lot of money to introduce you to amazing music you may not have heard before; you should take it in. If you don't like any of it, you can always leave the party. Playing 'hits' is easy. Anyone can do that, and being a cookie-cutter-style DJ will never set you apart from the rest. The same is lame. Why hear something you've heard numerous times already? If you love music, then you'll open your mind. If not, you don't really love music; you just like to be fed."

Upcoming events:
Aug. 13 Motown on Mondays at Bar Sue
Aug. 14 Nacho Borracho
Aug. 17 Amber Restaurant
Aug. 18 Feel Good Inc. @ Neumos
Aug. 20 Motown on Mondays @ Bar Sue
Aug. 23 W Hotel (Bellevue)
Aug. 24 Woods @ Grim's
Aug. 26 Breaks x Brunch (Cursed Oak Bar)
Aug. 26 Supreme Sundays @ MBar
Aug. 27 Motown on Mondays @ Bar Sue
Aug. 28 Fat Buddha Bar (New York City)
Aug. 31 Q Nightclub