I hardly think the current president's eyes could get misty from watching that clip. Good choice, Eli.


If her performance at the Kennedy Center Honors does not move you, I do not even want to know you. Carole King losing her MIND before Ms. Franklin even sings a note is everything...Carole knows what the score is.


WOW. Heaven bless you, miss Aretha Franklin, Queen of Soul.


@2 darlin13: I know---SO powerful! I was already tearing up when Aretha took the stage, The background image of the Carole King album cover design from Tapestry was quite the opener of amazing things to come.


I'm not a believer, but here's what I think about 'Ree: She's an angel - she has to be. No mortal sounds that way.And her voice is a preview of what heaven - whatever heaven is - is going to be like.


I've watched that video dozens of times over the last few years. She drops that coat in the middle of a high note like a giant furry mic drop. She is totally badass. And she was 72 (or 73) years old when she did that performance. Fucking amazing voice and amazing performer.


A goddess of the highest order. That performance (@6 it's one of my favoritesm, too) is simply how you do it. I hope she goes to heaven peacefully.


Now I've got to watch The Big Chill all over again for the soundtrack recording of Aretha Franklin's powerhouse vocal delivery of Carole King's song, You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman.
@5 Bauhaus I: I hope I make it to heaven.


Gravely ill with what?

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