Lilli Dennison, the 45 Queen.
Lilli Dennison, the 45 Queen. Irina Scott

MISS LILLI (LILLI DENNISON; Trickbag Record Party)

Current top 5 tracks:

Diodes, "Tired of Waking Up Tired" (Epic)
"This little wavy ditty came from Toronto and was a big hit on Boston left-of-the-dial radio back in the good old days. A copy of it reemerged in my life lately. It is a great anthem for night owls with day jobs!"

Dennis Lee and the Notables, "Funky Penguin" (JENMARK)
"This funky New Orleans penguin jam is perfect for penguin dancin' behind the turntables!"

Ernie K. Doe, "Here Come the Girls" (Janus)
"All-time favorite that evokes memories of singing this on the way over to The Mother in Law Lounge with my gal pals at 4 in the morning. Ernie or Antoinette would always answer the door, put on a wig, pour out some gin and spark up the jukebox. Graciousness personified!"

Lighthouse, "One Fine Morning" (Evolution)
"A recent dollar-bin find that has me captivated. Full-on early-'70s jazz-rock rave-up."

The Blenders, "Don't Fuck Around with Love" (JENMARK)
"'Nuff said!"

Crew/label affiliation: Trickbag Record Party. Trickbag from the Earl King song and the fact that I used to carry my sleeveless 45s to spin at Soul Hole in plastic sacks. The 45s that made it to Seattle with me had survived years of jukebox and afterhours play in Boston and then the lapping toxic gumbo of Hurricane Katrina. Sleeves seemed non-essential. Since my partner in all crime, Mr. B (Brian Probart), has joined, he has taught me better vinyl care habits. Brian and I are Trickbag and where we go is a party...."

Styles played: "In no particular order: pre-wave, new wave, post-wave, no wave, proto-punk, garage-punk, post-punk, jazz, blues, doo-wop, greaser-rock, bossa nova, cha-cha, honky-tonk, exotica, cheesy vocals and greasy instros, '70s FM radio, bubblegum, girl group, yacht rock, NOLA soul, blue-eyed soul, brown-eyed soul, and all the other SOUL!"

Events organized: "I've been organizing musical events for a few lifetimes. Notably, I founded the Soulelujah night in Boston. It's still running and packing 'em in after 15 years! Currently I book the spinners at the Carlile Room. The Carlile Room is a really cool hang across the street from the Paramount Theatre. I book folks with eclectic tastes to spin vinyl for a wonderfully random downtown crowd."

DJing philosophy: "Music is love. It gives power to the powerless.... elevates pain, joy, and the mundane... Records are cool! Life should be FUN!"

Format: "45s!!!!!!"

Worst request: "One of the many cool things about spinning at the Bait Shop is that you are set up right at the bar! Recently Mr. B and I were Trickbagging there. Sea Fair was going on and a sailor in full-on sailor suit walks into the bar... As he hits on a business traveler eating fish tacos in the next stool, he announces that he is 22 years old, it's his first time out of West Virginia, and he is looking for hot girls. He then asks if we could play some Charlie Daniels announcing with authority that Charlie Daniels 'IS THE GREATEST ENTERTAINER OF ALL TIME!' I attempted to explain the concept of the small black discs carefully selected in the metal boxes on the bar...'WHAT ABOUT SKYNYRD'? Not the worst, just the recent worst."

Upcoming events:
9/1- Trickbag Record Party at Carlile Room
9/9- Me and Miss Annabella will be spinning ladies of soul at Clock Out Lounge Sunday School
9/15- Trickbag Record Party at Carlile Room
9/27-Trickbag Record Party at Carlile Room
"More fun will be added, I'm sure!"