More political content, while at the same time deleting the existing political content and replacing it with ‘cultural’ content. Hmmm. This is actually a huge story for the Stranger.


Mind Over Matters has some of the best information on local radio and they're getting rid of it. They must be doing this to appease their funding Sugar daddy, Paul Allen. After all, he donates to congressional Republicans. Which means he's perfectly alright with Trump being immune from Congressional oversight (and horrible immigration policies, children in cages, pollutants poisoning our environment, corruption and graft) as long as he can save some money on taxes.


I'm still pining over the cancellation of Shake The Shack - Friday nights just aren't the same without it.


I'm excited for Pacific Notions.


Glad to see KEXP continues diversifying musical selections. DJ Riz’ Expansions really led the way. I’m hoping Pacific Notions takes it even further.

Contra to conspiracy theories @2, KEXP already has less political content than KCMU had in the early 1990s. Great musical programming simply displaced the political shows. (Expansions, like most specialty programs, was two hours in length back when it started; now it’s three hours — a change made during the KCMU days.)


KEXP still doesn't have an avant/experimental show though. Sonarchy is gone so there isn't any avant music being played, I don't believe. Ambient is nice but noise (maybe not harsh noise though) is nice too.


If you had to ask me, "What is the one sort of program you wish KEXP would introduce?," my answer would be almost exactly how they describe "Pacific Notions." Incredibly excited. That's going to end up providing the source for a disproportionate part of my streaming playlist.


Does the Stranger pay its writers-- er, content producers-- to do research anymore? Wouldn't you want to mention that this is killing Mind Over Matters? If you're not going to bother to actually do reporting, why continue to paraphrase KEXP's press release when you can simply republish it?


Yeah, this is nothing but killing MoM and adding unlistenable crap in its place. Shame on KEXP and the right wing yahoos making this decision.

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