ear calamari


Do u ask sanitation workers to write top-ten hits?


It's an aesthetic choice that's very telling of the sort of art one might make. As unfair as generalizations are, you may have discovered an absolute.


I see people with gauged ears and I think, "Yep, you're a moron. You think you look so cool, so hipster, so special... but in reality you look stupid." Same goes for people who get their nostrils or eyebrows pierced. Tongue piercings? Ecccch! Now, a NIPPLE piercing, that's completely different! Why? Because I like the look. Also, I am not FORCED to look at a nipple piercing if I'm not in the mood.


I have a coworker with gauged ears. She can't wear her gauges at work so her earlobes hang loose, making her ears look like the painting "The Scream". Very artistic-and gross.

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