In the Basement of a Historic Building, Belltown Yacht Club Is Poised to Become Seattle's New Center of Cool



Gen Xers in the full throes of mid life crisis - YAWNNN


bbouchebb, here's a counterpoint: go to hell.


Oh, cool. One more place for Kool Guy Krieger to do cocaine. Ugh.


So, just to be clear to the non-locals, "cool" in Seattle speak means: we are really trying to keep all the black people away.


Places no one has ever heard of, for music no one likes, for hipsters who pretend to love it.


@5, So you don’t like to discover new places or new music. Why even live in a city?


Decent place with good drinks and a wide selection of live and DJd music. Looking for some new, different spots to open in this town. The opportunities for diversity are wide open and I wish the city would take better advantage of that.


So how do you find out what kind of nights this place has? Their Facebook page has no info. I went tonite expecting a cool punk club and instead heard Miley Cyrus, Sir Mix A Lot, Missy Elliot, and basically a bunch of crap you’d hear in any hotel bar in Middle America.