I kinda like the line-up


pretty sure STS9 has only ever played festivals. not sure they'd know what to do if they were booked indoors.


Sasquatch failed time and time again due to the lineup, how would doing the same thing help anyone? At least this has artists who are not only popular but the fans of these people are WILLING to drive out to George and CAMP for 3 days. Not alot of older folks want to deal with all that.


Those that don't want to go are at liberty to stay home and pout, like Lester.


You'll never guess which End of the Rainbow headliner played Sasquatch in 2011.


@3 Yeah, I don't know shit about this lineup but I know the overlap between David Byrne/Bon Iver/Modest Mouse fans and people willing to drive 150 miles to sleep in a dirt field is pretty small.

They need to attract more of a festival culture: people in their teens and twenties with extra party money. Presumably, that's what they're attempting.


I live in Colorado (Washington native) and I'd rather see this show at the Gorge:

Radiohead (2 sets) / Arcade Fire / STRFKR / PJ Harvey / Built to Spill / Caribou / Of Montreal / Sharon Van Etten / Diane Coffee

I'll even truck my Nitrous tank up over from these here mountains!

You can call it the "Tipped Over Porta-Potty Festival" so that the name accurately describes the camping!


@2 I'd agree with you except that I saw them play in the Paramount Theater about 18 years ago and I know they regularly play at the Belly Up in Aspen, Colorado, as they will be doing for 3 nights towards the end of March.


Lester, do you hear yourself? You sound like a spoiled, entitled little Belson brat. It's music you're talking about. None of these artists are bad people because you don't like their sound. None of the fans are bad because they are not your scene. The festival organizers aren't bad because you don't get to see your choice of bands, that you wouldn't be paying to see anyhow. You are literally being critical over music you have never heard. Get over yourself and your superiority complex. Stranger Editors, do you hear this shit? Please fire this person, because this is not how you want to be represented. Unless you do, which in case, your music and arts coverage have no value to me.


How on earth can you say with a straight face that a festival anchored by acts that made their names 30 years ago was "forward thinking?"

This new festival may well be horrible garbage, but Sasquatch! was catering to a white audience aged 45 and up, driving out to hear songs written before the DVD was invented.

Seal its coffin with KEXP bumper stickers and bury it, already.


What NXPNW said... get over yourself you pretentious indie snob. Just because it's not your cup of tea, doesn't mean you have to take a big plant-based dump all over it. Bassnectar and STS9 both have an extremely loyal (yes, nitrous-loving) fan base that you will never have the privilege of knowing. And spoiler—they don't want pompous Seattleites like you going anyways.

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