in general, i hate the use of children's choirs as a musical device. i make two exceptions for that, and they are both talk talk songs - "i believe in you" and "happiness is easy".


terrible news, just reading now. RIP to a helluva talent.


Sad news. RIP


I just started listening to Talk Talk a couple years ago. I Believe In You is incredible beyond description. There's a good chance I'll cry the next time I listen to it.



I still remember listening to Spirit of Eden on cassette, the dynamics hiding behind the noise floor in a way that makes the clean version sound wrong now.


Oh my, now that is some sad.
RIP Saint Hollis, you made my life better.
I'll just go play "Life's What You Make It" 100 times in a row...


Good article, but it implies that the personnel was exactly the same for Laughing Stock, but following the release Spirit of Eden, bassist Paul Webb (Rustin Man) left the group, which reduced Talk Talk to Mark Hollis and Lee Harris again assisted by Tim Friese-Greene.

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