The Hee Haw reference made me giggle. I don't like Billy Ray or even weed, but I like stop-motion animation and happily watched the entire video.


Walking slimy green boogers wearing cowboy hats?


Thanks to irony, nothing that is not uncool to begin with, can be made uncool.


To be clear- there hasn't been anything cool about it since the advent of High Times and middle school idiots smoking out of soda cans and apples. Why an otherwise sort-of-with-it publication like this has latched on to the issue is baffling. Seems like that guy from work who keeps trying to sell you on REM (Man, you just can't deny how great Document was).


I watched it with audio off.

I have no comment.


Yeah, the whole thing was mostly pointless. Though as a noted sucker for a good pun, I gotta admit to getting a kick out of the clock eating joke.


You mean dabbed right? Or did he dap you up? You sound old and uncool.

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