Heres your chance to detangle [Kennys] luscious locks among other fun stuff.
Here's your chance to "detangle [Kenny's] luscious locks" among other fun stuff. Big G Creative

Making jokes at the expense of Seattle's most popular musician, Kenny G, is the lowest of low-hanging fruit, but nevertheless, our hirsute saxophonist hero is blowing all the way to the bank. The latest example of Mr. Gorelick stacking chips is a new game called Keepin' It Saxy. Manufactured by Big G Creative and sold at Target, it sounds like it has a slight chance of offering a modicum of diversion for musically inclined people 12 and up.

Help Kenny G stay in the groove with the power of jazz! In this cooperative game, players work together to make sure Kenny stays smooth and saxy through a hectic day. During each round, players will play sound cards to help Kenny overcome uncool events, detangle his luscious locks, and avoid rush hour traffic without missing a brassy beat. No jazz playing in the elevator? Scat with your friends and a "Biddle Scoodily Bop" can get Kenny back in the groove and keeping it smooth and saxy.

While I won't be playing Keepin' It Saxy, ever, because I hate fun, I will continue to listen to Kenny G's '70s funk-soul group—Cold, Bold & Together—who are featured on the Wheedle's Groove compilations released by Light in the Attic. Those tracks still blaze.