Synthesizer magus Norm Chambers, aka Panabrite.
Synthesizer magus Norm Chambers, aka Panabrite. Kayoko Shibue

Seattle synthesizer wizard Norm Chambers* (aka Panabrite, aka Jürgen Müller) is currently dealing with a rare form of sinus cancer. While he's undergoing quality treatment from UW oncologists, he could still use financial help, thanks to the United States' inadequate health-care system. Pete Prezzano from the Love All Day label, which released Chambers's excellent 2019 LP Air Example (check it out after the jump), has set up a Fundly account to assist the musician during this difficult time.

Over the last nine years, Chambers has created a large body of work that has established him as one of America's most sublime ambient musicians. His discography abounds with cosmic tones, stately melodies, and more recently, intricate rhythms augmented by exotic timbres. In a 2011 Data Breaker column, I wrote that Chambers's "beatless symphonies of fibrillating, smeared whorls and drones that make you feel like the star of a weird nature documentary or a sci-fi blockbuster from 1977." That still holds true.

You can donate to his Fundly campaign here.

*Chambers is one of the DJs at my Obscenely Obscure library-music night.