The vinyl selection at Life on Mars varies greatly—from Prince to Dusty Springfield to M.I.A. Anthony Keo



I like this place. My one complaint (and it's a big one) is that the music I've heard every time I've been there is the same overplayed stuff you can hear at a lot of bars on the hill. If you advertise yourself as a vinyl bar, you're going to get music nerds, and music nerds like myself have heard that Dolly Parton/Magnetic Fields/Pixies album a million times. I wish they'd be more interesting with their choices. The sound system is better than Revolver's, but Revolver is where I'd go if I want to hear DJs playing music that's actually exciting to music lovers.

The food's good and staff are super nice, though.


insert jerk-off gif here


will check this place out!

Hey, maybe do a Slog Happy here?! I miss those and so do other Slog'ers. Please reinstate!!


@1 - and yeah, play Nurse With Wound, Pink Industry, Severed Heads, SPK, the Bubblemen, the Residents, and others!


You do know you're not actually their publicist, right?

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