Local Musicians and Writers Band Together to Raise Spirits and Funds at Depression Fest



Depression Fest? Hahahahahahhahahaha. Only in Seattle, I swear. A festival that is stuck somewhere in between an Oink Oink Body Positivity Con and Kill All Men Feminazi Symposium. Hahahahaha. Something hat only a few "special snowflakes" would attend. :)


@1 you should go, it'd be fun. It sounds like its been a while... Anyhow, guaranteed better than trolling


Ruben Mendez is a disgusting sexual predator that preys on young women and blocks them on social media so he can't see them calling him out. Why he is allowed to circulate through this community still is a huge joke. Maybe next year he can have redemption fest- where he sits on stage and apologizes and takes accountability for all the ways he is a disgusting creeper.