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Hey David Letterman, Is it Too Late to Get That Jacket?

Jessica Dobson and Peter Mansen of Deep Sea Diver after getting engaged in New York City. Photo Courtesy of Jessica Dobson, Graphics by Anthony Keo



Very sweet. Thanks for sharing this story with us, Jessica and Peter.


Oh man, Peter crashed at our house I'm Ballard during that period in between having confessed his love to Jessica with her "like a brother" rejection and then changing her mind about that. I've never seen such a sad dude. The house was a hub for the Moped Army club and a practice spot for local musicians (like pre-Maldives, Damian Jurado, etc), so folks would be up late. I had a room and an office job so would be up early. Peter was "sleeping" on the couch and just looked so sad and tired. His mom had dropped off an enormous box of over 100 ramen noodle packs, so I figured he must be staying a while and set up a little makeshift bed for him in the stairwell between the upstairs and downstairs in hopes he might have a bit of privacy and be able to get some rest. It's a good thing that Jessica came back around. That guy was a real mess without her with no sign of feeling better any time soon. Love getting more background on this story and the creepy Letterman jacket. What a strange old-timers move... I bet it smelled like old cigars and lust.


fwiw, I think that Beck Letterman performance was in Oct 2008, not 2009.

Letterman married his long-term partner in 2009 (their kid was already 6 at that point).

In late 2009, during the telling of his blackmail story, is when he admitted the cheating stuff.

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