Music Jan 12, 2023 at 11:30 am

Cranky Dude Rates Billboard's #1 Songs of 2022

Jack Harlow, Glass Animals, and Lizzo topped the Billboard charts in 2022. Can you guess which one Dave Segal liked? Jack Harlow by Jimmy Fontaine, Glass Animals by Pooneh Ghana, Lizzo by AB+DM



That lede is painful Segal. Whiny burnout pleading. I guess there are no editors at SLOG any more.
Segal, you cannot make a simple year-end run-down fluff piece worth a look.
Your Kung-Fu is shit.


Please do this more often. As much as I enjoy your way, way left-of-center tastes, it’s fun to hear your thoughts on something that more than a half-dozen people might like. I do disagree with you on the Styles track, which is definitely not “rock,” but is pretty damn catchy.

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