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"Music Is Supposed to Be a Big Part of Seattle, but There’s No Space for It"

If you've been thinking about going to the Kraken, do it soon. Kat Colley



It was not a "David vs. Goliath" fight with the NHL team... what a bunch of B.S. There was no "fight."

The bar tried to get some free publicity and money from the team due to the bar that was being put into the Iceplex at Northgate. The team ended that charade by simply changing the name of the Northgate bar to "32." No conflict. No fight.


The reality is a billion dollar company tried to steal the name of a beloved small business and they successfully defended themselves. Defending a trademark they spent 10 years building is a legal requirement to maintain the trademark. And Kraken hockey fans have always been welcome but they’re not a sports bar and you won’t find hockey games (or any other sport) on the TV’s.


"Music Is Supposed to Be a Big Part of Seattle, but There’s No Space for It"

Seattle went corporate and plastic thirty-some years ago.


The place has been a wonderful home to many in the music community. It's staff participate and care about the community. The place has a small but delicious and reasonably priced menu. The place got me to eat salads, (if you knew me, that says a lot) and the community who frequent the establishment are always a pleasure to talk to. This is the type of place that cannot be easily replicated, let alone in a new building or location. It's not a sports bar and I will always appreciate that. As for #1's comment, Let's think about it this way... If the hockey team was already established and had a restaurant at the practice arena and then a nautical themed punk dive bar were to open under the same name, do you think for one second that the franchise wouldn't sue the pants off of them? Sports franchises sue people over copyright or trademark infringement daily. The fact that the 'famous Seattle restaurateur' who designed and named the practice arena restaurant 5 miles away didn't even bother to do a google search before advertising the opening was extremely tone-deaf. To hear people in public and online (including #1) side with the multi-million hockey franchise on this one is frankly baffling and shows how little some understand the jeopardy that our local music scene is in, let alone local business. The kraken bar and lounge, (over 10 years established) is loosing it's home, not to a lack of business, not to the hockey team, but because These local venues are being priced out of town and developed over. The buildings next door to the kraken bar have been vacant for years. The property management companies have sat on these spaces as people vandalize and nearly burn the buildings down. Waiting for a rezone, waiting to consolidate more property to make a better profit. People whom do not participate in our community are making profit at the expense of everything around them, failing to maintain or secure their derelict sites. If anything the Kraken bar (in my opinion) has helped unofficially secure these derelict properties for years, in part to prevent their own establishment from going up completely in flames at the least. I only hope that this is a blessing in disguise, in the long run. I hope they find a new home soon. One that is not a stress to the management, one that can survive into this future.


The Blue Moon still is open. Support that bar, or lose it!

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